900 pornographic and violent websites were blocked

The Ministry of Information and Communications announced that it has blocked 900 websites from distributing depraved images, videos, and online games to the younger generation.

According to the Voluntary Committee, at the 10th session, voters asked the Government to strengthen network security protection, strictly manage information, communication and detect and handle false information.

Responding to voters, the Ministry of Information and Communications said that over the past time, the authorities have worked with nearly 700 people who report false information; more than 300 people in the country who released fake news were handled; 22 people were fined with the total amount of 222 million VND.

The assessment and violation information is detected in time, quickly handled, and prevented from being generated from the source. Recently, the ministry has blocked 900 websites from distributing depraved images, videos, online games to young people, of which about 100 are pirated movies; 200 pages of unauthorized online games; 300 pages of gambling and gambling; 300 pornographic pages.

From the beginning of 2018 to August 2020, there were 283 fake accounts of individuals and organizations spreading news against the state of Vietnam removed. Authorities removed more than 1,800 articles, 154 fan pages posted false information, propagated against the Party and State, defamed, offended, discredited many agencies, organizations, businesses and individuals. ; more than 2,440 links to sell or advertise illegal products and services; 330 fanpages advertising gambling games, redeeming rewards.

During Covid-19, Facebook has strictly followed its commitment to remove all fake news and accounts from the Ministry of Health. Therefore, the rate of preventing and removing bad information and defeating the government has reached the highest level ever. On YouTube, authorities have blocked and removed more than 15,000 videos and 24 infringing channels.

The suite requires app publishers on the AppStore (Apple’s online app store) to remove 27 unauthorized games.

According to statistics of the Ministry of Information and Communications, recently fake news is more popular, each month there are nearly 12,000 fake news with 20 million views, mainly on Facebook and Youtube.

Next time, the ministry will continue to ask cross-border service providers to remove fake news. Networks with large numbers of users like Facebook and Google are required to deal more aggressively with fake news. The Code of Conduct on social networks will be built with the main content as standards of ethics, behavior, and behavior on the internet to promote good values.