Trump signed the Covid-19 bailout bill

The US President signed a $ 2.3 trillion spending bill previously passed by Congress, including the Covid-19 bailout, after a few days of delay.
White House spokesperson on the evening of December 27 (morning of December 28, Hanoi) announced that President Donald Trump had signed a bill of spending 2.3 trillion USD at his golf club in West Palm Beach, Florida..

Trump has been to the golf club every day since he arrived in Florida on December 23 and has not appeared in public.

The budget bill was signed hours after US President Donald Trump announced on Twitter “good news about the Covid-19 bailout bill”. The bill provides a budget for the federal government and also funds the Covid-19 bailout package.

The $ 900 million Covid-19 bailout bill includes direct payments of $ 600 for every adult and child in the United States. The amount for adults is half of the $ 1,200 payment under the CARES Act that was enacted in March, but the amount per child is slightly larger than the $ 500 under that law.

The bill also includes $ 284 billion in funding for the Salary Protection Program (PPP), which provides struggling small businesses with credit-free loans to help them survive and leave employees.

Trump’s signing of the bill saves the US government from having to shut down on December 29, as the government is given funding to keep operating. However, it is no different from the bill Trump refused to sign a few days ago.

Trump had previously refused to sign the $ 900 billion Covid-19 bailout bill passed by Congress after months of negotiations, calling it a “disgrace”, requiring the bill to be revised so that every American would receive $ 2,000 relief, instead of $ 600 .

Two federal surplus benefits approved in March under the Covid-19 bailout plan issued earlier this year expired at midnight December 26, leaving benefits to 12 million Americans affected. Affected by the pandemic becoming interrupted.

President-elect Joe Biden on December 28 warned “dire consequences” if Trump continues to refuse to sign the bill. Some Republicans have called on Trump to change his mind, stressing that the bill is the result of a careful negotiation process.